Preparation Programme for Medical Schools



Duration: 8 weeks (late July – late Sept 2019)
Programme briefing: 7/7 12:30pm-2:30pm; Venue: Beacon College (Causeway bay)

Shops 205-215, 2/F, 68 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Suitable for future study: All UK Medicine and Dentistry Disciplines
Entry requirement: IELTS Band 6.0 or above; or passing the assessment test
Programme Fee: HK$38,500[1]
Target student: S.4-S.5 students; undergraduate and postgraduate students aiming at studying Medicine and Dentistry Disciplines


Programme Details


IELTS Preparatory Course (15 hours)

  • To understand the structure and requirements of the IELTS Test
  • To hone students’ examination skills
  • To practise all sections and attain a high score in IELTS Test (aiming at Band 7.0 or above)


Aptitude Test Seminar

  • To provide general information on medicine aptitude tests (UCAT)
  • To advise students on question tackling skills for various papers


Aptitude Test Drilling (8 weeks)

  • To prepare students for medical school entrance exam through comprehensive mock tests and intensive question practice. The sessions include verbal reasoning, decision making, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning and situational judgment.


Personal Statement Guidance

  • Include 1 hour video course to guide students in writing a compelling personal statement
  • To offer tailor-made solutions and instructions for students to write their personal statement
  • To provide professional feedback and guidance on individual personal statements


Interview Workshop

  • Include 1 seminar on interview preparation and 2 times of mock interview practic
  • To provide general knowledge and advice on overseas medical interview preparation
  • To equip students with general interview skills and offer interview preparation tips to students


1 on 1 Speaking Coaching and Training (2 sessions and each 1.5 hours long)

  • To equip students with high level of communication and listening skills
  • To enhance students’ confidence in using English communicatively
  • To improve English fluency and coherence in interview


Consultation Service (5 hours+)

  • To assist in students’ application process on overseas medical programmes and progress monitoring
  • To offer consultation service to students and parents on overseas study in Medicine and Dentistry Disciplines



Programme Online Application

[1] IELTS test fee, UCAS application fee and UCAT admission test fee are not included in programme fee; UCAT textbook and materials are included



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戶口名稱: Advance Bestway Limited

星展銀行 (DBS)  47-0956089 中國銀行 (BOC)  012-880-00141520
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